Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year Resolutions (Part 1) - Intro

OK so this is probably going to be one of those New Year's resolutions that fails in the first month or so, but to get a better handle on all the loose threads of ideas and interests that are rattling in my brain this is an attempt to start at least writing them down and sharing them.

I must admit I find most blogs direct outpouring of individuals ids without the self-correction of the superego.

I hope this blog never becomes that. I certainly don't want to over share and impose my own burdens on others. To this end this blog will not be a diary of my life, nor an outlet to vent about the indignities I have faced.

So now that the speech is out of the way let me throw up the quick Bio.

I'm a very old 40 years now, I have a wife who is amazing, both as a spouse and as a person. She teaches in the City Colleges of Chicago and is currently working on a PhD, which I hope she'll be able to finish-up in a few years. I also have a great daughter who I love dearly and who is a real combination of my wife & I (flaws and all.) She is a perfectly odd mix of interests in art, paleontology, nature, science, with a nice sprinkling of 10 year old girl interests (dolls, stuffed animals, the color pink, etc.). I wouldn't ask for another kid in all the world.

Since this is my blog I guess now I have to tell a bit about myself. Really I'm fairly boring so that's probably why I led with the wife and kid. I'm self-employed, after spending a fairly long-time (to me at least) employed in a variety of large and small management consultancies and investment banks. My business really is an extension of this early employment in that I provided consulting and staffing to a variety of organizations that have internal "knowledge/research/library" areas, since I've spent the bulk of my career managing and building these types of areas. While I still enjoy having my own business and watching it grow in unexpected ways, I suspect that the long-term viability of the field is fairly flat as it is rarely thought of as pillar of most organizations and it is never really a profit center for an organization.

To this end I'm going back to school, both to make it easier to transition back into the workforce if I need to (given the current economy) and to broaden my skill set to allow me to escape the KM/IM/Library ghetto if I want to.

Well that is all that I really want to say now, but I'll try to make this a place to visit fairly regularly (although I'm not promising anything.)

Happy New Year, Scott